Sometimes listening to people is a great way to learn about many things especially in your home town.

I learnt quite a bit when it came to the downtown core from the 70's/80's.

I was talking to a client today and we were basically talking about business and how he over came his restaurant back in the day and how many other places came and gone but hard word and dedication kept them a float to what they are today.

It kind of brought the conversation into a choice that I made around 17 years ago and even to this day, I was lightly kicking my ass but after talking to Bill, I realized that I made a huge mistake to the point I could of made something bigger and better.

The hours of hard work that I did put in showed but sadly, my age and my stupidity over took what should of been never grew.

If I had the chance an opportunity to retake and redo the business opportunity, what I've taken it? Listen and find out more about the conversation and what I should have did.