As my legs are in the air due to me not fitting in my tub, I decided to scroll back to my "Buy me a Coffee" account to see that they have released a huge update. Ever since I signed up years ago, I always wanted one feature.

I emailed the company then bitched a little about it taking close to 2 years and having them still not roll them out like they should.

Upload audio- This was the feature that I have been waiting for and now it's been released for me to finally use and possibly utilize the great option for my show by actually having special audio clips or even special shows for paying memberships tiers.

I have closed my Patreon account since I don't need them anymore and I have cancelled my Subscribestar page as Buy me a Coffee has everything that I need to start working for what I am aiming for.

Thank you for being by my side and let's pray that we can grow forward and make this show better.