Nov 30, 2022

New podcast episode: The State of American Theatre Part 1

Aug 29, 2022

Tribune silences the voices of many

In 2014 I joined a blogging community hosted by The Chicago Tribune. Jimmy Greenfield launched and ran ChicagoNow for eight years. He seemed to have a Phd in community building, guidance and cheerleading. The ChicagoNow community was strong because of him. In a Facebook post he shared that ChicagoNow published "well over 100,000 posts over the years"and "hosted 300 active blogs and drew 25 million page views a month."The name of my blog is Writing My Mind. I developed my... more

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Jul 20, 2022

Tania, what exactly do you do?

Good question!As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant I wear many hats. I'm a negotiator, empathizer, rehearsal whisperer, facilitator and educator. At times I preempt disaster; saving organizations time and money. I'm often a sounding board, brainstormer, editor. cheerleader, truth teller, tension reliever. I guide, I encourage, I challenge and I protect. For example, in the... more

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Jun 24, 2022

On pain and exercise

TW: childbirth, weight, intuitive eatingMy youngest child was 10 pounds 12 ounces. Eleven pounds basically. I did not have a c-section. No, you didn't ask but it's usually the question that comes right after I tell anyone how much she weighed.My first child was 9 pounds 8 ounces. That's on the bigger side, too. After that delivery I had to go to physical therapy. My pelvic bones rotated out and never rotated back. Walking was painful. When I would push my baby in a stroller,... more


Jun 22, 2022

5 tips for completing a 30 day challenge


Mar 29, 2022

In defense of Black women

Last week, the country watched while Ketanji Brown Jackson endured idiotic questions about racist babies, the definition of the word woman and the degree of her faith. Judge Jackson took the questions in stride and answered respectfully. Her measured and careful responses ensured her assignment to the Supreme Court. Some of those answers came after labored pauses where she gathered her thoughts. As a Black woman, I know that pause. It is the moment where I decide whether to "pop off"... more

A holiday message to white women
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Antiracism Education Video Playlist
First one to tell the truth


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