Buy Tanner Campbell a taco


👋 Hey there, my name is Tanner Campbell

And if you're here, you probably already know that 😊

You probably also know that I host Podcasting Sucks! and that my job is helping podcasters solve podcast-related problems - usually that's related to marketing, monetization, or just knowing how to get started. This page if for those who would like to buy me a beer for some kind of free help or value I've provided them. 

What's my experience? Why do people listen to me?

There are a number of "podcast experts" out there, what makes me different?

🎚I'm an audio engineer by trade
🎙I've been podcasting for 12+ years
🎛I've owned two award-winning recording studios
🏢I've worked with some of the biggest brands in the world
👨‍🏫Over 1,000 individual podcasters have graduated from my courses
💩I'm not a full of shit 

What do I create?

For podcasters and creators I creating two thing:

A free daily podcast called Podcasting Sucks!

A free online learning platform called Pysma

Your support helps me to keep doing what I'm doing, focusing on creating more good resources for independent creators, and I'm grateful for it.