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Every dollar I receive here goes into buying my favourite food and coffee. So, anyone who has ever donated, thank you very much!

Are you using your phone or your phone is using you?

Hi, my name is Tanuj and I'm developing Olauncher - a minimal AF launcher. It's open source and free from ads, trackers or any kind of hidden cost. It helps you cut down your screen time, improves digital wellbeing and provides a new wallpaper daily because minimal doesn't mean boring. By the way, AF means ad-free. Yes it does. :)

If you find Olauncher useful and if it's possible for you, please donate. With your help, I'll be able to give more time to Olauncher to fix bugs, add missing features and most importantly, have more coffee. Check out the membership levels and Goals section for more details.

Donation is not the only way to support Olauncher. You can rate us 5-stars on Play Store. That's always helpful because people are generally more likely to leave negative review. :(

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