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Car Modifications That Can Improve Safety

Nov 28, 2022

Car modifications can be a great way to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle. In addition to aesthetics, car modifications can also improve the functionality and safety of your vehicle. When making modifications, always check how they’ll impact your vehicle's safety. In this article, we take a look at some car modifications that can improve the safety of your car. 


Headlights are one modification that can change the appearance of your vehicle and improve your safety. Unlit roads can be hazardous at night with any headlights. You should always use good-quality headlights; this will help you identify hazards quickly whilst driving. Being able to see hazards quicker increases your reaction times and enables you to stop or swerve out of the way when needed. LED headlights are also less prone to breaking compared to standard bulbs, so you’re less likely to get caught without a blown headlight at night. 


Another way to improve the safety of your car is to add cameras to the outside of your vehicle. The most common type of camera is a reversing camera. This will help you get in and out of parking spaces safely, avoiding an accident. You can also purchase front, and rear-facing dash cams that record footage when you’re driving. Whilst this won’t improve your vehicle safety, it can assist you if you are a witness or if you’re involved in an accident. You may be able to prove it wasn’t your fault by using the dashcam footage.

Proximity sensors

Proximity sensors can be placed around your vehicle to indicate when you’re close to an object or another vehicle. These can help you when you’re parking and navigating in tight spaces. They will beep if you’re close to an object, and the beeps will get closer together to indicate how close you are until the beeps form a noise to tell you that you’re about to hit the vehicle. Never completely rely on proximity sensors as they can be inaccurate if knocked or the object is below the sensor range.

Tyres and wheels

Wheels and tyres are a common modification for car enthusiasts; they not only look great but can also improve the safety of your vehicle. Larger tyres have improved traction and grip on the road. This makes them safer when driving at high speeds as the car is less likely to lose control and skid. In addition, you can fit aftermarket alloy wheels on a car to make it more desirable and luxurious. Alloy wheels are lighter, which can improve handling and the ability of the driver to react quickly. However, alloy wheels are not as strong as steel wheels and are more prone to cracks on impact. If you’re buying aftermarket alloy wheels, always ensure they’re purchased from a reputable business. 

Infotainment system

Adding a new infotainment system to your car can make your drive more enjoyable and more convenient. It can also improve the safety of your vehicle if you’re able to control the infotainment system with your voice. You won’t need to take your focus off the road to look down and select the buttons needed when driving. Instead, you can use your voice to control the infotainment system and maintain full control of the car. Look for infotainment systems with Bluetooth phone connectivity if you need to take calls whilst driving.


A very common car modification is suspension; this can improve your car's performance and appearance. Cars with lowered suspension look sportier, and due to the change in aerodynamics, they have a superior grip on the road. This is especially true when going around corners; a car travelling around a corner at high speeds with lower suspension is less likely to lose control and flip over. However, you should always avoid turning corners too fast, even if you’ve lowered your suspension. 

These mods can help improve your car's safety; some are primarily based on improving safety and avoiding accidents, such as cameras and proximity sensors. Others have other primary functions, and an increase in security is a secondary benefit. When considering modifications to your vehicle, assess the safety implications before going ahead. Cars are dangerous, and removing safety features or making changes that can put you more at risk isn’t advised.


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