Sparkling wine is a popular drink worldwide; many people choose sparkling wine to celebrate occasions such as Christmas and weddings. There are several popular types of sparkling wine you can purchase. In this article, we take you through the sparkling wine options and what makes them unique. This great knowledge can be used to impress your friends and dinner party guests. Additionally, you can use this information to choose the best sparkling wine for your celebration.


Champagne is one of the most expensive forms of sparkling wine that’s reserved for special occasions. The name of this sparkling wine comes from the region in France where it’s produced. If sparkling wine is called Champagne, it must have come from the Champagne region in France; no other sparkling wines can use the Champagne name. A good-quality Champagne will be crystal clear with a creamy and soft mouthfeel; it should also be crisp to taste. You can purchase sweet, and dry Champagne, commonly dry is enjoyed with seafood starters and as a toasting drink between courses. Sweet Champagne pairs well with desserts and cheeses after the main course. Buck’s fizz is a popular cocktail served on Christmas morning; it’s made with Champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice. Choose Champagne for weddings, Christmas day, New Years' eve and other memorable occasions where it's worth buying the best quality sparkling wine. 


Cava is a sparkling wine that’s produced mainly in Spain. Cava has a citrusy aroma and a light taste that is very popular. Cava is often seen as an affordable alternative to Champagne; it’s produced in the same way but with a different variety of grapes. This great-value sparkling wine works well with cheese and light seafood starters. It can also work well with any light meal or as a toast during a celebratory dinner. If you want to create Champagne cocktails on a budget, cava is a good substitute drink that works well in cocktails when combined with other light flavours. Unless your guests have a very sophisticated palette and lots of knowledge about the wine, they’re unlikely to notice if the sparkling wine used in the cocktail is cava or more expensive Champagne. 


Prosecco is a very popular sparkling wine that’s produced in Italy. This wine is delicate, light and crisp; it’s created using a different method than Champagne and Cava. Prosecco is commonly enjoyed as part of a celebration lunch or combined with other ingredients to create delicious and refreshing cocktails. The bellini is a popular yet simple cocktail that combines peach puree with prosecco to produce a distinctive, refreshingly light and fruity cocktail. Many people prefer prosecco to Champagne because it is typically sweeter with larger bubbles. In terms of price, prosecco falls between Champagne and cava; it's more expensive than cava but not as expensive as most Champagnes. However, the price of each sparkling wine will depend on the quality and how it’s produced.

Sparkling rose 

If you prefer something a little more fruity, a sparkling rose is a great choice. This wine is perfect for summer parties and BBQs with friends and family. This type of sparkling wine is dry, with notes of cherries, red fruit and citrus being common, but the individual flavour of the wine will depend on the grapes used to create the specific variety. Sparking rose is also used to create refreshing and light summer cocktails. When combined with other alcohol and additional ingredients, sparkling rose can transform into a completely different drink. 

Sparkling wine is popular; these are just four of the most popular types of sparkling wine. You can also purchase many more varieties that have their own distinctive flavours and characteristics. If you’re celebrating good news or an occasion with friends or family, sparkling wine is the perfect way to toast and enjoy the moment together. When choosing sparkling wine, always opt for a high-quality version of your chosen tipple. Sparkling wine should be served chilled to bring out the subtle flavours and aromas. Champagne flutes are the preferred glass for serving sparkling wine for a celebration. If you're making a cocktail using your sparkling wine, you should choose an appropriate glass for that cocktail.