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Hello Planeswalkers!

Tap & Sac has the impossible dream of making Magic: the Gathering a household game that people of all ages and backgrounds love and enjoy.

Because it's a complex game, new players can find it daunting to get started. Magic should be more inclusive and our Tap & Sac community welcomes new players.

We help the community grow by writing on evergreen topics, as well as easy-to-understand articles on gameplay strategies.

One of our most successful series is our Player Features, where we talk to MTG players from the local community to find out the beautiful and ugly sides to the game. 

We do not run ads on our website and it's our shared love for MTG that drives us to produce regular and entertaining content. You can support us with a one-time donation, but we also have membership subscriptions that will earn regular freebies like deck boxes and proxy cards for Commander!