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This podcast is a labor of love created and hosted by me, Penny Rosenzweig, in collaboration with the Roots and Wings Healing Arts collective in Natick, MA.  

I (Penny) am a life long soul seeker, healer, teacher and spiritual guide for those called to explore the sacred territory of their own heart and inner being with curiosity, presence, self-acceptance and self-compassion.  

 I created this podcast to help others grow and tend to the art and practice of ”inner being-care".  This capacity for listening and tending with love and compassion to our inner feelings and knowings is not much taught or valued in our culture-but is essential for a life of balance, purpose, and deep meaning.  

So if you are on the path of self-growth, self-discovery and awakening, please join me for teachings, practices & soulful conversation with some really amazing and inspiring healing practitioners.

Each episode takes many hours of preparation, editing and producing-- If you love what we're doing, we hope you'll consider supporting our work -for just the cost of a cup of coffee.