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5 My divine purpose is as a fount of Metaphysical wisdom, a teacher who connects deeply soul to soul, with all who seek awakeness, understanding and growth. I was born awake and remember my past lives and that we are all multi-dimensional Souls. I am here to midwife the Global awakening of lightworkers on Planet earth.

I'm a double Sagittarius, Scorpio AC, 4 planets in Libra, Pisces North Node.

Professional Mystic, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Psychic, spiritual life coach women's empowerment workshop facilitator for 30+ years. I am married and have 2 children and am a grandmother in 2022. I home-birthed both my kids and am a proponent of natural birth. Completing 2 books and courses in 2023.  New website revamp coming soon.