Please note this is unedited, so sorry for any typos!

Xander frowned at the classic BMW in the drive, not recognising the car belonging to any of his brothers. 

“One of you buy a new car?” he asked as soon as he entered the house.      

“Car?” Sythe checked out the window, letting out a low whistle. “That’s not mine, but it’s a beauty.” 

“It’s that black witch’s,” Jax mumbled from the top of the stairs, Poe, Alice’s cat purring gently in his arms. “She asked for a meeting with Alice and Riley.” 

The image made Xander smile, the tiny black cat having a group of warrior men at his mercy. Poe had moved in along with Alice, and instantly acted like he was king, demanding treats and cuddles. He was scraggly, with half his ear missing and two different colour eyes, but he seemed to have settled himself in his new home easily. 

“Do you know what for?” 

Jax shook his head, hair moving to reveal the scar that sliced down his left eye. “I didn’t ask. It’s none of my business, but I suspect it’s something to do with her face.” 

Xander growled, not realising the sound came from his own throat until Jax lifted a heavy brow. He knew she had split her lip, the memory of how she received the cut fresh in his memory, but he was surprised at his own response. 

Fucking black witch, he thought. 

“You okay, Xee?” Jax asked warily. “You want to join us for a game?” He settled Poe on the floor, who yowled his displeasure before making his way down the hall. “Titus is just setting up the poker table.” 

Xander tried to clear his mind. “You not joining us, Sythe?”

“Nah, Lucy and I are going to Blood Bar tonight.”

“You’re taking Lucy?” Lucifer was the only Daemon they hadn’t killed on sight. He had helped them in the past, and now they couldn’t get rid of the fucker even if they wanted to. 

“Lucy’s still pissed he lost the last game,” Jax said, crossing his arms. “He also needs to practice his social skills. He almost lost Riley business last time when he scared that young girl.” 

Xander hadn’t been at the bar that night, but had heard Lucy was trying to flirt by offering to flay the skin from all the woman’s enemies. She had been human and hadn’t appreciated the sentiment. 

“I’ll catch up after my shower,” he said, touching his t-shirt that was wet with sweat. “Make sure you save me a beer,” he added as he turned down the hall, finding Poe scratching at the closed door. 

Poe turned to stare, his tongue stuck out the side. Reaching down to scratch him on the head Xander opened the door, hesitating when he heard Kyra’s voice. 

“I need to call in that favour,” she said, her voice muffled. 

Xander found himself just outside Riley’s office, beside Kace who leaned with his back against the wall by the closed door, eyes closed. His red hair swept forward when he turned to Xander, dark eyes opening to slits. “What a surprise that you’re here,” he said, lip tipped into a smirk. 

“The boys are setting up poker,” Xander grunted. “Maybe you should go help?” He left no room for an argument. 

Kace bowed, the movement sarcastic. “Whatever.” 

Xander waited until Kace had left before he opened the office door. He knew exactly when Kyra realised he had entered, her shoulders tightening before she turned her head gently to the side. Her cheeks were flushed, but he swore her tone was slightly paler than usual.

“You need me?” Xander asked, dragging his eyes away from Kyra’s profile to Riley’s gaze. He waited to be dismissed, not even sure why he entered a private meeting in the first place. As Riley’s second he was the one who made sure the others followed their orders, he didn’t break protocol. 

Riley frowned at the intrusion, but Alice placed his hand on his. “Kyra was just asking us something,” she said, taking control of the meeting. 

Kyra remained tense, but returned her attention to Alice. “I’ve been receiving threats.”

“What threats?” Riley asked.

“Violent ones,” she continued. “The most recent was left inside my locked flat.”

“Why haven’t you reported it?” Xander asked, unable to keep the question to himself.

Kyra finally turned in her chair, her eyes immediately connecting to his. “Report it to who, exactly?” she snapped, anger shaping her words. “The Magicka are aware, and refuse to do anything about it. You’re my last option.” 

“How long have you been receiving these threats, Kyra? Why didn’t you tell me?” Alice leant forward, sparks brightening her fingertips. They matched the blue green of her fractured eyes, her magic erratic as she slowly learned to control her powers. Xander thought she was weak when he had first met her, not understanding Riley’s interest. But Alice had proven herself more than once, even sacrificing herself to help one of his brothers. 

Kyra, on the other hand, was nothing but a storm.                  

“I didn’t want to worry you, you’ve had enough going on and it wasn’t serious,” Kyra said as she turned to keep everyone in her peripheral. 

“How long have you been receiving these threats?” Riley asked again.

Kyra dropped her gaze. “Six months.”

“Six months?!” Xander echoed, stepping into the room. “You’ve been receiving threats for six months and you’ve done what? Decorate the wall with them or some shit?!” 

“Xee!” Riley barked. “Enough.”

Xander sucked in a staggered breath, realising he had raised his voice. His beast bared his teeth inside his mind, and from the warning creasing Riley’s face he knew that his control was splintering.

What the fuck is wrong with me? he thought as he left, getting himself away from the situation before he shifted. Grabbing a pack of cigarettes he headed back outside, hoping for once a spirit was lurking so he could distract himself with someone other than that black witch.