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Welcome, tea friends!

Tea & Contemplation is a weekly meditation practice + podcast, created by two teacher friends in Chicago - artist/writer/yoga teacher, Adam Grossi, and Suzette Hammond (Sooz), tea educator and founder of Being Tea.

In addition to being a podcast distributed for your listening enjoyment, Tea & Contemplation is also a live virtual studio offering! We broadcast live on Zoom every Friday morning at 8am CST. Attendees for the live session are invited to participate in our private group sharing/healing circle (which is unrecorded), for community support.

One of our membership levels does include regular weekly tickets to this live session. So if you're interested in this option, please check out membership!

Your support here, whether in occasional donations or as a regular member, help support the sustainability of our work. All donations are split 50-50 between the two of us.

We hope to see you for tea sometime very soon!

With thanks,

Sooz & Adam