A new "Best Of" T&C episode is now available!

Hi T&C friends!Just posted! I was just telling Adam how much I've been enjoying sharing these "Best of T&C" episodes this month, because I get to relisten to his awesome talks. Today's share on the podcast is an episode from last November, titled "Small Sips: The Rhythm of Nourishment." Such a good episode. This episode happens to take place almost right after our series on the koshas that I shared earlier, so there's really nice continuity.... more

Oct 22

Episode 3 of Exploring the koshas is now up!

Hi T&C friends!Episode 3 of our 3 arc series from fall 2020 exploring the panchakosha is now up on the podcast!Whew, sorry for the late email today... Our 4-week fall series ("Creating a Personal Practice") starts tomorrow and today has been filled with prep. We have 2 more "Best Of T&C" episodes coming your way this month, before our live sessions return Friday, Nov 5. Have a lovely weekend!Sooz &... more

Oct 15

Episode 2 of Exploring the Koshas is up!

Hi T&C friends!Happy Friday!Episode 2 of of our 3 arc series from fall 2020 exploring the panchakosha is now up on the podcast! By the way, since you all are also Being Tea members, I should note that one of our member classes this month is also about the koshas. So if you enjoy this topic on the podcast, definitely come to our live session (Sun, Oct 24, 1pm CST). Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you soon!Sooz &... more

Oct 08

Best of T&C is posted! First up, exploring the Koshas...

Hi T&C friends!Tea & Contemplation is on break this month, as Adam and I are leading our 4-week special series, "Creating a Personal Practice." So we're sharing Best of T&C sessions from fall 2020 for you here on the podcast! Today's session is 1 of 3 episodes, in which we'll learn about the panchakosha: an ancient and lovingly accessible framework (more than 2,000 years old), used in yoga and meditation for contemplating the dimensions of the... more

Oct 01

Jess is back! Episode 4 is live now

Happy Friday T&C friends!Episode 4 for September, titled "Can you share?", is live now on the podcast! https://tea-and-contemplation.captivate.fm/listenThis week, we joyfully welcome back to the space our wonderful friend and inspiring spiritual explorer, jess young chang. jess is returning to the space after a summer hiatus, during which time she was completing a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, focusing on hospital chaplaincy, at Harvard Divinity School. Just a reminder:... more

Sep 24

Episode 3 for September now available!

Hello T&C friends!Episode 3 for September's exploration of "Nourishing Energy" is now available!This week's episode: "What are we harvesting?" It sometimes feels as though our present experience is the inevitable result of circumstances, but the truth may be more slippery. A popular way of expressing this in contemplative practice is the analogy of seeds - the seeds that we nourish within ourselves. What role are we playing in what is arising within us?... more

Sep 18

Episode 1 of August is posted!
Episode 3 of August T&C is now posted!
Episode 4 for August is available!
Episode 1 of new September series now available!
Episode 2 for September is now live!