Dionne Douglas

Pronunciation Drill of /ɛr/

Dec 21, 2022
Hello, my name is Dionne. Welcome to my Buy Me a Coffee Pronunciation studio. This audio is brought to you by TEFL Training and Recruitment. For more information please visit www.dionneseslcyberlounge.com In this pronunciation audio, we are going to practice the /ɛr/ as in bird sound. The /ɛr/ sound can really be a challenge for non-native English speakers because many English learners may have a similar sound in their native language and then carry that sound to English. For example, some rhotic sounds in other languages may sound like throatal sound, while other languages may have a rolling sound, so it's important not to substitute those sounds with the English /ɛr/ sound . To make the /ɛr/ vowel sound: The corner of the lips come in and my lips my lips are pushed out as I make this sound. Many of my students like to call the position of the lips "fish lips". I lift my tongue off the floor of the mouth to the midlevel of my mouth, I then curl the tip of my tongue and point it towards my throat. My jaw is slightly open to release the sound. Please repeat after me: Earth, earn, word, girl, world, stir, prefer, dessert, teacher, doctor The /ɛr / sound is a mix of a vowel sound plus the /r/ sound. You may see that this sound being spelled as -ear, -er, -or, -ur, -ir but try not to add an extra sound "uh-er" at the beginning of the /ɛr sound. Just make surethat the sound is just /ɛr/. Please repeat after me: Search, circle, thirteen, return, curl, louder, water, computer, ever Let's practice this sound in sentences. Again, please repeat after me. Is that a dirty shirt? She is working on Thursday. Don't discourage the expert. Is there a worm on the purse? I prefer to eat dessert in the desert. The traveller arrived early and she has beautiful curls. Remember, practicing pronunciation drills regularly can help you to improve your English pronunciation. Thank you so much for using Dionne's Buy me a Coffee Pronunciation Studio. I hope it helped. Bye.
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