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Pronunciation Drill of /ŋ/ and /ŋk/

Dec 21, 2022
Hello, my name is Dionne. Welcome to my Buy Me a Coffee Pronunciation studio. This audio is brought to you by TEFL Training and Recruitment. For more information please visit www.dionneseslcyberlounge.com In this pronunciation audio, we are going to practice the /ŋ/ as in "thing" sound and the /ŋk/ as in "think" sound. To make the /ŋ/ sound, my jaw drops down a little bit. The back of my tongue is rounded to the roof of my mouth but the tip of my tongue is pointing down, slightly touching the back of my bottom front teeth. My lips are open. The sound comes out of my nasal passage, which is my nose. When I cup my nose with my fingers as I make this sound, I can feel a vibration on my nose. For that reason, we call it a nasal consonant sound. The sound/ŋ/ and can be a challenge for non-native English speakers because many English learners say /ŋk/ or ŋ-G when they should say /ŋ/. For example, when saying the word "thing", they say thin-K or thin-G. Let's try not to add that extra sound. Please repeat after me: Ring, string, spring, running, walking, singing, strong, anxious, sang, young The sound /ŋk/ can be found in many English words. The /ŋk/ sound is made in the same way as /ŋ/ except that we push up the back of our tongue at the end of the sound towards the roof of the mouth. The tip of the tongue pulled back and pointing downward in the mouth. The /ŋk/ sound is a consonant cluster. Sometimes learners forget to add the final /k/ sounds. Always remember to make the final /k/ sound in words at the end of the word when we're making the /ŋk/ sound. Please repeat after me with a smile :) think, drink, drank, bank, junk, tank, thanks, shrinks, pranking, inkling Remember, the /ŋ/ sound is different from the /ŋk/ sound. Let's isten to the difference. Let's practice these two sounds together. Now, let's practice these two sounds together. bank bang brink bring think thing pink ping sank sang sink sing Can you hear the difference? Let's make sentences. Please repeat after me. hank hang - The hank of hair hang. kink king - There's a kink in my hair said the king. rank rang - I was in the rank when my phone rang. dunk dung - The garbage had to dunk the dung underground. blink bling - The expensive jewelry made me blink because of its bling. hunk hung - The hunk came in and hung his coat. monk mung - The mung bean was eaten by the monk. Be sure to use these audio clips to practice your pronunciation regularly. You may see that as you're also learning these new pronunciation sounds, that you learning new vocabulary words too! Thanks for practicing with Dionne's Buy me a Coffee Pronunciation Studio. Bye.
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