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Jun 04, 2023

Online Companies and Teaching Platforms that Do Not Require a Degree

There are several online companies that offer opportunities to teach English without requiring a degree.

Please note that it is important to pay attention to and be aware of the requirements needed for the company that you choose to apply to as requirements vary from company to company.

Here is a quick list of a few online teaching platforms that accept non-degree holders:

  • Cambly

  • PalFish

  • SkimaTalk

  • Lingoda

  • Open English

  • Verbling

  • LatinHire

  • iTalki

  • Tutlo

  • Preply

  • All Right

  • Allschool

  • Chatschool

Make sure to do your research before applying to any of the above-listed companies. Good luck!


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