Choose Yourself First and Always!

If you don't put YOUR oxygen mask on and you pass out or die 😟, then you've failed Yourself AND all the people depending on you! 

If you're trying to save a drowning person who is panicking and fighting and you don't render them unconscious to save you both, then you both perish, you've failed Yourself, them and everyone who depends on you. 

If you take care of everyone else but don't take care of You and you get terminally ill, then AGAIN, you've failed Yourself, and ALL the people who you care about. 

Always.... ALWAYS serve from a FULL Cup... always.... ALWAYS serve from your OVERFLOW!

Love on YOU First!

Care for YOU First!

Be sure that YOU are good, FIRST!!! 

The BEST mother is a well rested, healthy, whole, happy mother. Ask ANY child.

The BEST wife is a well rested, healthy, whole, happy wife. Ask ANY husband.

The BEST co-worker or boss is a well rested, healthy, whole, happy one. Ask ANY employee! 


Make YOURSELF Whole, Happy and Fulfilled! Have FUN! Get Pleasure!!! 

Woman, it is time. . . . . #LoveYourselfFirst❤