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Hi 👋 My name is Paul Read (the Teapotmonk) and I'm working at keeping as many of my beginners Tai Chi resources free for everyone - with your help. Such as these 3 PDFs above that you can pick up from my site

You can also find

 - FAQs and Introductory PDFs

 - Simple Introduction Courses 

 - A Tai Chi Forum and Community 

To help keep these resources available to all - I have added a Buy Me a Coffee Page - so I can continue producing more free PDFs, more free short courses, audio files and videos for everyone as well as Academy members. 

*If you are looking for the Beginners Tai Chi FAQ find it here. 

*If you are looking for the Sword Introduction You can collect a copy here. 

*Or the 37 Step Tai Chi Short Form Pdf is here. 

*And the Teaching Online PDF is here 

Otherwise use the links below to browse the Academy site or the teapotmonk home page for more resources.

Thanks for your support!