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Hi  I was using the class – however, I can’t really find out what the license this is distributed under, except on the bottom (creative commons license, but it could be to the text not the code). Would you be so kind as to put a license file up. Ideally MIT or CC or BSD. Many thanks - [email protected]

Hi Jed, thanks for the coffees! I didn't contribute that triangulator script, so I don't feel authorized to specify a license. However, I interpret the CC license in the footer as covering all content on the wiki including the scripts (which are really the only important content). There's some discussion in the Discussion section of the Main page on the wiki about specifying some other license but doesn't seem like anyone did anything about it.I don't know if you've seen this, but there is a Unity forum thread mentioning that script, and someone, JoeStrout, moved onto some code on github, which he describes on his blog:

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