Technological inventions aim to make human life more practical and simple by saving time, money, and effort.

Due to these advances, company processes have evolved and have allowed innovation in different fields, which have an impact on our day to day.

Undoubtedly, technological inventions represent progress for the development of humanity and, therefore, it is important to recognize them and observe that certain everyday elements were an unprecedented technological innovation at some point, marking milestones in history.

By virtue of this, this time we present you five corporate technological inventions that currently make life easier for everyone.

1. Wifi

Probably, many of us could not imagine our life without Wi-Fi, a tool that allows us to connect to the internet without using cables, an issue that represented a real headache for those who lived in the 90s.

What if I told you that one of the first precursors to Wi-Fi was a Hollywood actress?

So is! In 1942, Hedy Lamarr patented the first version of what is known as frequency hopping, consisting of the generation of signals through radio waves: this was the first indication for what would later become Wi-Fi.

2. The touch screen

Today we see them on our tablets, cell phones, computers, and even in refrigerators. However, touchscreens were an innovation out of the ordinary at the time, which allowed improving the processes of hundreds of companies by doing in hours what required days.

Although the first development took place in 1965 by EA Johnson, the breakthrough happened in 1971 thanks to a professor at the University of Kentucky named Sam Hurst using a touch sensor called "Elograph", which was later chosen as one of the 100 most important technological products of the time.

Hurst continued his research and in 1977 achieved the first resistive touch screen, which now allows touch screens to be used in many of our products.

3. 4G network

The network to which our cell phones are currently connected was also a great technological and revolutionary milestone in its time and has a short time of formation: approximately 30 years.

It all started with the first 1G network, which was very limited in terms of data transfer and required an antenna connected to the phone system, of course, without internet.

Later, it evolved to 2G, which increased the data transfer capacity and allowed the famous text messages. This advance gave way to EDGE and 2.5G technologies, which allowed greater data transfer and achieved long-awaited Internet access. However, efficient internet connection became a reality with the 3G network.

Finally, in 2009 the 4G network was introduced, allowing full access to the Internet with significant data transfer: in addition to access to your social networks, this network made it possible to watch television online and have videoconferences, among other things.

4. The cloud

Although it is a relatively new concept, you have probably already heard about the cloud: a massive network storage system that allows you to save your files and access them through an internet connection.

This technology was created to simplify work processes and solve the great storage problem that with time and technological innovations made files increasingly heavy and investment in devices of this type greater.

Of course, it also impacted people's lives, since companies like Google and Apple offer these platforms so that their users have flexible and easy access to their photos and files.

Likewise, the cloud allows you to generate backup copies to avoid losing valuable information.

5. Virtual reality and augmented reality

Part of the latest technological advances have been virtual reality and augmented reality, which seeks to generate sensations and sensory and emotional reactions in our brain when perceiving new realities.

This technology is constantly on the rise and has made it possible to generate tools that are visible in video games, for example.

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As you can see, these technological inventions presented here are the basis of our current reality and are laying the pillars of the future, making it impossible to imagine a world without technology.