Steve Jobs will go down in history as one of the great visionaries who contributed the most to the world of technology.

He was a man so ahead of his time that he was able to make technology close to people and that anyone without computer skills or programming could interact with it in an intuitive and friendly way.

He was also able to imagine a world with streaming services, televisions with an internet connection, smartphones, tablets, more than 10 years before these inventions came to light and with years of advantage before his competitors could replicate those same. formulas.

In this article, we collect 5 of his greatest inventions and how they revolutionized the world.

1- Computers With Typographical Sources (Macintosh, iMac, Mac Book)

Computers existed before Steve Jobs created the Macintosh, but what he did for the world was created the first personal computer with a graphical user interface. For the first time, a computer added a system of icons, folders, and windows, along with a mouse to scroll the screen.

With this invention, he managed to bring computing closer to people, which until then was practically limited to the professional field and almost exclusively of computer scientists and programmers.

Another of the novelties of the Macintosh was the typographic fonts. For the first time, the user was able to choose the typeface, since until then computer screens only had a typeface like that of typewriters.

2- Streaming Services (Itunes Store)

This is probably the first streaming service that is known and it worked in a very similar way to what Spotify is currently, only here instead of paying a monthly bill to access a large number of songs, you had to buy them one by one. a very small price (pennies on the dollar), which prompted you to create your personalized catalog of music.

This service in turn transformed the music industry since before iTunes anyone could download music illegally without providing any income to its creators, but after this, singers and musicians were able to find an alternative to the imminent and inevitable drop in physical disc sales.

3- Smart Phones (iPhone)

The iPhone revolutionized mobile technology by being the first phone with a minimalist but attractive design, in addition to making touch screens fashionable in smartphones. A year later it integrated applications, which made it even more versatile.

This invention was so successful that even a decade after Jobs left this world, it is still the best-selling smartphone in the world.

4- Televisions With Internet Connection (Apple Tv)

Now any brand of televisions can offer technology to connect to the internet, but Apple TV was the first. It was the first time that a device allowed a TV to connect to the Internet, listen to music and watch special content.

Now many devices do the same, the difference is that Jobs thought about it and created it ten years before.

5- The Commercial Tablets (iPad)

Although there were already tablets in the industry before the iPad, it was this that managed to lift sales. iPad went down in history as the first commercially successful tablet and basically functioned as a fusion between a Macintosh and an iPhone.

It allowed to do most of the functions of a Macintosh but at a more accessible price, with a much smaller size, which represented the best alternative for people who previously only used a computer to do tasks and surf the Internet.

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Which Steve Jobs Invention Do You Use The Most?

Directly or indirectly, all users of computers, tablets, smartphones, streaming services, and even fans of animated films, we owe Steve Jobs the power to enjoy all these inventions that are part of our lives, but he was the one visionary who imagined all of this many years before they came into our hands. Which invention do you use the most on the list?