It's a sign of style, attitude and way of being: the beard is part of your face and your personality. Long or short, very present or a 3-day trend, in structured mode or more natural mode, it defines who you are. But, contrary to what you might think at first glance, the beard requires special care to be clean, harmonious, soft and even perfumed!

With natural and organic cosmetic products for men to respect the skin, the beard hair, the hair (because some products can be applied to the hair) and... the planet.

The Beard: A Personality, a Style

First of all, determine your style. Do you prefer a long beard from the top of the cheeks to the chin, a discreet moustache and a small collar, or a stylized unshaven effect? Whatever you choose, your beard hair needs special care.

To avoid ingrown hairs and other small problems linked to beard or moustache care, choose healthy and natural men's beard care products put together a box of organic care and cosmetic products especially for beards! Oils, balms, soaps, solid shampoos... Your skin, your face and your beard will thank you!

Efficient and natural shaving

To shape and trim the contours of your beard and moustache, you need a quality, detailed shave. The old-fashioned shaving trend: shave your hair by hand with organic men's beard care products for men, such as a good shaving soap and a shaving brush made of synthetic hair.

Cold-saponified soaps formulated with white clay and castor or hemp oil are skin-care products that generate a rich, creamy lather that makes shaving easier and more comfortable for the skin.

Forget about shaving fire: with a product like organic beard soap, your skin is protected and cared for. In terms of accessories, use a classic razor to properly trim the contours of your beard and moustache. Your soap can be used to wash your face and body, rinsing with water: some beard products and care products are even suitable for hair and can be used as shampoo!

Beard Care

The next step is to care for the beard and moustache, with their more or less long hairs. Opt for specific "men's" care products such as beard oil or beard balms with a light fragrance and natural ingredients to moisturise.

Composed of organic vegetable oils and enhanced by synergies of essential oils that will boost their effects and fragrance, these organic beard oils smooth the hair, clean, structure and lightly perfume the beard, as well as the facial skin. Their action brings hydration and comfort to the beard hair.

Smoothed, the hair becomes silkier and easier to work with. With this beauty treatment, you can structure your look as you wish. Your beard is clean, neat, pleasant to touch and your skin is protected.

Natural and Organic Ingredients for Beard Oils

Castor oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil... the list of organic vegetable oils for all beards are long... Their benefits and natural virtues for a beautiful beard are concentrated in care products and so-called "beard oils". They moisturise in-depth and strengthen the hair of bearded men.

With essential oils of peppermint, lavender or other scents born from the imagination of producers, these balms, oils and beard care products create a unique atmosphere and signature when applied, for daily care that is visible throughout the day! This fragrance accompanies you and gives you a feeling of freshness and serenity.