Whether for lessons or for everyday life, learning a language can be a big challenge. Many people don't dare to go for it because of their accent. But not working it and not training is not going to improve it. There are several ways to learn English. Among these, private English lessons are one of the most "profitable". You can learn very quickly with private lessons.

The main advantages of private lessons for learning English:

You work one-on-one with a teacher who only takes care of you. It is the guarantee of individualized learning, adapted to your level, your way of learning, etc. The teacher adapts to your pace of progress and can answer all your questions. You will therefore never be overwhelmed, by definition, because it is tailor-made. This "tailor-made" aspect is ideal if you want to take English lessons with a specific goal in view.

You can work on your weak points and your shortcomings. Working on your weak points is the best way to progress.

Your teacher can adapt his teaching according to your tastes, your passions. By working from things that we like, we are more motivated and therefore we learn faster.

The teacher is also there to correct your exercises and especially to explain the correction to you. The explanations and comments around the correction are often more important than the correction itself.

A private teacher is also a person able to motivate his students, to boost them when necessary. Concretely, we are more inclined to do our English exercises when we have a teacher who "supervises" the work done behind.

Having a private English tutor allows you to work well on speaking and pronunciation. When you learn on your own, you often neglect this aspect. So much so that one may end up being "good" at writing, but unable to speak English in "real life". The practice of oral English is the most important factor in the success of learning English and in improving one's professional English.

Working your lessons at home is essential

Even with a very good teacher, you will not be able to progress quickly if you do not supplement your private English lessons with personal work at home. Between classes you will need to:

Review the lessons studied in private lessons, and more generally remind yourself of everything that has been said during the lesson. Hence the interest in taking notes during lessons.

  • Do the exercises given by the teacher.

  • Work on your English outside of the classroom.

  • It is possible to learn English 20 minutes a day.

To make this personal work as efficient as possible, your teacher will give you valuable advice on 1 / What to work at home and 2 / How to work.

There are therefore several ways to learn English and progress quickly, without going to the country where the language is spoken. Pick the one that suits you best and get started! Many people have difficulty learning a language, so don't hesitate to take private lessons to improve your English.