In the market there are many types of air conditioning systems, here we will deal with the most common ones, explaining their form and operation, trying to detail what their advantages and disadvantages may be. This description should not be taken as absolute since for each type there are different variants and it always depends on the place where the installation is to be carried out.

First of all, we must know what our needs are, we may want to air-condition the entire house, only the living room, and bedroom or only the living room.

The available types are as follows:

  • Split type team (1 × 1)

  • Split equipment type “multi-split” (2 × 1, 3 × 1, etc.) and VRV / VRF

  • Duct system.

  • Fan-coil system (Chiller).

  • Portable equipment.

  • Cooling ceiling.

In all cases (except laptops) the company that installs them must be authorized by Industry as a thermal installer.

Let's try to clarify each of them:

Split type split equipment (1 × 1)

It is the preferred equipment today, it consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. It is recommended if we are only going to air-condition one room (living room) or as many two (living room and bedroom) although in the latter case we will have to install, of course, two computers. While there are plenty of brands that sell these air conditioners, we recommend you to buy SKM air conditioners, they offer better air conditioning, more durable, and reliable. You must them from only reputed sellers in UAE.

They have a very wide range of powers and can be used in winter as a heat pump. If we need it for the bedroom it must be very quiet.

Its installation is not very expensive and does not need major works for its installation.

Multi-split party equipment (2 × 1, 3 × 1, etc) and VRV / VRF.

It is one of the options when you must air-condition 2 or more rooms. Multi-split systems are recommended for small and medium powers and, on the contrary, VRV / VRF are preferable for medium and high powers. There are plenty of options, and you can easily pick the best VRF in UAE based on your requirements.

In both cases, we will have a single outdoor unit and several indoor units. Installation is more expensive than in the previous case.

Duct system

The air conditioning by duct system is preferable when we have to air-condition many rooms and we are weighing in carrying out a comprehensive reform (or before building our home).

It is an aesthetic solution where no interior equipment is observed and the air is distributed through ducts and penetrates the rooms by means of diffusers.

It is the most expensive installation and at the same time with more complications.

Fan-coil system (chiller)

It is another centralized option for air conditioning many rooms (widely used in offices, hotels, etc.). It consists of a system that cools water (or heats it in winter) and is distributed by pumps to the fan-coils.

It is done after a comprehensive reform with an expensive installation (less than in previous systems).

Portable equipment

Ideal when we only want to air-condition a room that does not need a lot of cooling power or we have several and we do not use them at the same time. They do not need installation.

The disadvantages are: The price (for the same power and specifications it is more expensive than a traditional system), the consumption and above all the noise since the compressor, which is the loudest element, we will have within our stay.

Cooling ceiling

The latest in air conditioning, it is the most aesthetic solution since neither equipment, nor grilles, nor diffusers are observed. The pipes go through the ceiling and from there "emit" the cold down the room. It is usually useful in large rooms because the strong drafts that would be needed with traditional systems are avoided.

It is an impeccable but very expensive solution and not many professionals are used to it. It is necessary, as in centralized systems, to carry out work.

To conclude, we can verify that there is no perfect system and that all have their advantages and disadvantages.