When you start betting, the wide range of different bets can be quite impressive and overwhelming. However, do not fear because it is all much easier and simpler than it looks.

We have written this article so that you can look up the meaning of (almost) all possible bets, how they work, and how you can bet on them profitably.

What types of bets are there?

We list all some of the popular bets in alphabetical order for you, so you can know most of them:

Asian handicap betting

In Asian handicap gambling, one team gets a virtual lead, so the other team has to score more goals to win. The system originated in Indonesia and became very popular in the early 21st century.

Corners betting

When betting on corners there are several options, you can bet on the total number of corners in the match, total number of corners home team and away team. Which team will have the most corners, and whether an even number of corners will be taken or an odd number. Plenty of opportunities to gamble so, if Ajax plays against a lesser team at home, it is smart to bet on a large number of corners.

Double chance betting

Double Chance betting is a popular form of sports betting (먹튀검증) on the outcome of a match where you are not 100% sure how it will end.

You can bet on two outcomes in the double chance bet and only one has to come out to win the bet. The risk is lower and therefore the odds, but you can systematically earn good money with it.

Live betting

Live betting is betting while the match/leg/fight is in progress. So you place a bet live. Live betting has become more and more popular lately and is almost as popular as pre-match betting. Especially the live betting on football is common, there are thousands of opportunities every day to end live betting on all the small and big football leagues.

In live betting there are more options to place bets than in pre-match betting, many of the bets you see described here are possible in other variants during live betting.

Match events betting

In match events betting there are many different options, for example, you can bet on first goal, no goal no bet, (who scores the first goal) if there is no goal you will get your bet back. Last goal, no goal, no bet, (who scores the last goal) if no goal is scored, you will get your bet back.

Over/under betting

Over/under betting is increasingly common as a betting option, so you can now bet on almost everything in an over / under match. Goals, corners, yellow cards, red cards, throw-ins, and so on.

You place a bet on whether more or less of something happens, it usually goes in steps of one. Imagine that less than 2.5 goals are scored in a Europa League game, it ends in 2-0. Then you have won the bet.

Scorecast / wincast betting

With scorecast and wincast betting, you place bets on which player will score and which team will win. There are several options so you can bet on who will score in the entire match, who will score the first goal, who will score the last goal, in addition you have to predict in the same bet how the match will end. This can work just like the regular 1 × 2 bet, you can choose between the win, loss, draw.

Total goals betting

Total goals betting is betting on the total number of goals / points that will be scored in a particular match. Betting on total goals / points is possible in many sports but most of all in football betting. You bet on the total number of goals by betting if less or more than a certain number of goals will be scored. It goes up from 0.5 to 7.5 and works like an over / under bet.

1 × 2 betting

The most common form of betting, you bet on who will win or whether it will be a draw. The 1 stands for the home team's win, the x for a draw, and the 2 for the away team's win.

Penalty betting

In penalty betting there are several options, for example, you can bet on which team can take a penalty, whether penalties will be given at all, how many penalties in the match, whether a penalty is missed or scored.