Given that we have been indoors for the better part of the last 13 months, I decided to role the proverbial dice and order a number of Department of Truth and Something is Killing the Children exclusives from several independent comic book stores around the world.

This was the first (of at least ten unique) packages to arrive. Moving forward, the unboxing videos and corresponding write-ups will be featured here exclusively.

OK Comics

This was my first purchase from OK Comics, a popular comic book store located in Leeds, England. The graphic novel—The Department of Truth (Volume 1): The End of the World—that I got was part of a February 2021 store promo wherein one of these TPB’s would contain the OK Dollar.

Caption: Here is how it looks like.

One lucky customer will find this OK Dollar inside their graphic now and it will entitle them to this Department of Truth #5 original art page by DoT artist and co-creator Martin Simmonds (@martinsimmonds).

Caption: The prize! Every Simmonds page is a true work of art.

So here is my stab at it. Will I be the chosen one?

Till next time,