The concept for this self-help book actually started in 2009 when I hired an editor (a good friend) to assist me with the consolidation of the articles that I had written for Baby Magazine (Click here for a few excerpts). We actually came up with three huge drafts but because it was made up of stand alone articles, coming up with a consistent narrative proved to be challenging. Over time, some of the content also became dated so the project—in it’s original iteration—was shelved indefinitely.

Until today.

Over the past few weeks, I have been soliciting responses (via Google Forms) from my Substack Newsletter readers. Basically, I wanted to know what they would ask a counseling/sport psychologist if they had an hour to talk with them.

That will be the basis of this proposed book.

Each week, a new subsection will be added here on buymecoffee and will continue until the book has met all of the requirements for publication.

I do hope you can join me on this journey and if you have any questions, do ask away!

Keep Safe!