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Hello folks, I'm Jo and I'm a writer, doodler, gamer and cook. I'm also mum to two small dogs (Millie, my seizure alert dog, and Buddy, an idiot).

Welcome to my BMC page!  If you'd like to support my horrific caffeine habit and give me the energy to keep on creating, please do - anything is appreciated!

Due to my disabilities I've had to start pushing my art and writing, by donating a cuppa you help me to continue on.  

Is my stuff any good?  I hope so!  I mostly write horror and have had some pieces published (take a look at www.genderterror.com2019/01/09/see-you for a recent short).  My doodles are typically a mix of manga-style and traditional media style, usually either cute or horrific as middle-ground isn't usually my thing.

Your donation helps my family eat, afford treatments and make more things.  It helps my dogs get fussed and spoiled.