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It's been a really hard year for teachers — and that's putting it mildly — so when it comes time to show a little teacher appreciation, this is the moment to go the extra mile with those teacher gifts.

You’ll never be faulted for choosing a gift card for your teacher — it's what everyone really wants. But it's always nice to pair the gift card with a little something else, like these teacher gift ideas below. Whether you're looking to give just a little something to go with a note or gift card, or you want to find that one, big gift the whole class can contribute to, we have some inspiration to get you started.

Another interesting idea is to have the class put together a Kudoboard. The site allows everyone to upload a picture, video, GIF or note and then delivers it all in one package, so every class member can add a little something. It's an easy collaborative project for kids in remote classrooms who might not get to see each other in person to create or sign a real, IRL card. You can even buy (or download) a poster of the board after it's been delivered.

And, of course, you can always make a donation to Donors Choose (if your school participates). On that site, teachers let parents know about specific projects they want funded — things like a new classroom library, a collection of STEM materials or flexible seating options — and parents can contribute directly to those projects, and feel good knowing exactly where their money went.

But, if you’re looking to give something beyond the gift cards and class supplies, you can make a teacher very, very happy with one of these creative gifts for teachers from students.

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