Regardless of your political standings or beliefs, it is difficult to not be impressed by the results of the 1984 presidential election, but the massive republican turnout was not the only historically significant aspect of this race, for this election year was one of many moving parts. Ronald Reagan was a man well liked by the people, as his goals and aspirations stated prior to his time in office were bold and prospective in nature, which was what the United States was in dire need of. In the 1970's, a period of low economic growth, high interests rates and even higher inflation struck the country's economy- called "stagflation"- and this was one of the platforms Reagan chose to base his campaign upon, making it known that he would work to improve the current economic crisis apparent in the United States. He was a believer in "supply-side economics", or the use of incentives for the people so they would produce a greater amount of goods and services, cutting income tax for example, thus resulting in a more effective economic flow, a revival as he stated. As many who promise economic prosperity in their campaigns, he gained a large amount of support from potential voters, and along with other widely supported goals on his agenda, Reagan and the republican part took the majority vote in 1980 and won the presidential election. During his time as leader of the United States, he set out to do what he had planned on, and "Reaganomics" took off into action, which was surprisingly effective although not to the extent that Reagan and the Republican party would have wanted. The end of the recession, lowered government spending and increased economic prosperity was well received by the American people, and along with his other accomplished tasks while in office, he managed to not only keep but increase his popularity as president, making it an obvious decision for him to run for re-election in 1984. Southern Snap allows you to wear your Reagan Bush 84 apparel in the colors that best suit what they stood for: Red, White and Blue, and they aren't your basic solid colors, rather they are bright, unique shades of these representative colors, and ones that you can feel not only a sense of pride in, but feel stylish and comfortable in

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