Buy infrequency a beer


InFrequency is a monthly music paper in podcast form, incorporating a number of quality music themed podcasts, released as The Monthly Edition. Started by enterprising members of the Temporary Fandoms Facebook group in 2022, it includes the podcast of the same name, and other shows produced by its members. Mostly the shows are made by Ewan Swain and Nick Hilditch. 

You can subscribe on Mixcloud to get all the music, with a large chunk of your monthly payment going directly to the featured artists. Otherwise, you can find the shows in all the places you’d normally go ferreting for podcasts.

Each episode takes a while to put together, from scheduling across multiple timezones, research, recording the intros, and the roundtable. Not to mention editing. If you think it's not bad, please buy us a coffee, or a pint. A pint would be nice.


Ewan and Nick