Well, I'm out. As the saying goes, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. They were useless again. Last week when I was admitted I was in and out in 4 days for asthma. Then I went back this Tuesday because my left leg hurt so much I couldn't put any weight on it. Turns out I have DVTs in BOTH legs and PEs in BOTH lungs.

They're miracle workers they are because 4 days later my butt is bouncing on the curb. I knew I'd be kicked out today so I was preparing myself. I began to mentally come up with a list of things I needed to make sure they got RIGHT this time like making sure I had all of my medication. Last time, claiming it was my asthma was the reason I couldn't breathe, they kicked me out with NO inhalers. Thank God I at least left with a nebulizer. That's what's been keeping me alive.

I noticed that the IV Nuclear Medicine had put in down in the ER on Tuesday was literally hanging on by a thread. I told the CNA who told the RN. No one but NM had even used it so I figured they'd either take it out or just slap new tape over it. But nooooo. It was a production. Got it out. Swabbed from the elbow down on both arms trying to find a good vein (like I've got any of THOSE left at this point) and inserted a new one. I asked her if it were really necessary since I'd be leaving in a couple of hours.

"Oh, they would kill me if I didn't put one back in!"

Me: "I'm willing to take that risk."