I’m Taking a Much Needed, Long Overdue, Break

I’ve earned it.

Side note: I have stuff scheduled as I have cleaned out my Draft folder here. I either finished what I started or I deleted it. I’ll be on my other blog spot writing where I’m not harassed. You can find me there by clicking here.

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For about five months this time last year, I managed to bust my ass and get into the $100 Club. Before that the pay was shit and after that, it was really shit. So far this year, more shit.

Last year I published nearly 400 times in 365 days. This year I haven’t done anywhere near that. My health being the number one reason as to why. Zero incentive runs a close second.

The algorithm is beyond fucked.

Curation is fucked.

Top Writer status is a joke but everyone is licking that boot.

Too many writers on this platform with no clue as to what they’re supposed to be doing here let alone how. It’s like screaming into the wind with a sore throat in order to be found by writers.

Everyone wants to be read but no one spends any time doing any reading let alone engaging. Unless you consider judging and snide remarks engagement.

Nearly 2000 followers that I didn’t have to cheat to get and yet I’m lucky to make $50 a month and that’s on a good month. Why? Because the 2k followers followed me for a reason unknown to me because they sure as fuck aren’t reading what I post.

No positive re-enforcement.

Bullshit interactions.

No communication among “writers” on social media. Just more FOLLOW ME bullshit or posts of what are clearly self-published ebooks on Amazon.

People cheat the system by using AI instead of actually doing the fucking work. Yet the platform remains silent on its policy, if there is one, on using AI.

Medium is about as supportive as a sports bra with no elastic.

Publishers that push out garbage and run illegal operations on the platform and even when brought to the attention of the non-helpful “Help Desk” their publications are still up and running.

But God forbid I write a first-person account on gender because then I get suspended because some woke-assed individual who thinks it should be okay to marry a unicorn is offended. So my personal, real-life experiences don’t count and get suspended.

I have stories sitting in drafts that I’m too scared to finish because the Woke Crew is running the show now. Fuck me and what I have to say and my voice or what I’ve been through and the knowledge plus lessons learned that I could pass on through those stories.

Or the faux “christians” who conduct themselves as asshats do but line up to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own uterus among other things. And yes, little “C”. You have yet to earn the right to the capital “C”. Maybe Trump can make that a federal offense when you shitheads vote him back in.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

This platform has turned into a toxic marriage for me. No matter what I do, how hard I try to make it work, who I talk to about ideas to make this a better place — none of it counts. None of it matters.

Hell, I clearly don’t matter. 

Not as a person let alone as a writer. So you know what?

Keep the house, Image by Ozant Liuky from Pixabay

Keep the car, Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Keep the kids, Image by [email protected] from Pixabay

And keep the fucking money. Image by 💙♡🌼♡💙 Julita 💙♡🌼♡💙 from Pixabay

’Cause I’m out. Image by martinahavlikova84 from Pixabay

I’ll see you down the road. — Johnny Depp

A modified version of this will come out this coming Sunday. I have to delete my thoughts and feelings about world affairs and the site itself. I'm a middle-of-the-road person for the most part. There are some things I learn left and others I lean right but by and large... That means I'm hated by twice as many people. If I say I'm pro-choice then I have the faux Christians jumping all over my comment section but if I say we need to close the left jumping on me because I think we already have too many mouths to feed and too many heads that need a roof over it.

There just ain't no winning when you're logical, methodical, reasonable, and analytical.