It’s been a while since I’ve done a firing let alone a mass firing but apparently one is long overdue.

Orthopedic Surgeon
I had been seeing him for my annual cortisone shots since 2019. Through thick and thin I understood how he had more patients than staff and sometimes things would happen as fast as either of us liked. But now? He’s got a partner in the practice. I wrote about him here. I set up a Yelp account and gave him a 5-star review.

But lately, he wants to work less than 2 days a week and no, he’s not retiring or semi-retired. He has his staff schedule him for 2 days a week instead of 5 with a full patient load so now it takes a while to get in to see him. I made 4 appointments of which he rescheduled because he decided to rework his calendar.

Dude? I made you and I can break you. I don’t go in there to see your pretty face. I’m in pain and when I make an appointment I expect you to keep it.

Just like the previous cardiologist, I had damn gatekeepers. I sent a message through the patient portal stating that I wanted to know since I’d been discharged again did he want to see me as a follow-up. I got the same answer from them that I got from the fired cardiologist. “Follow up with your Primary’. Mmmmmmmk

I hit them back with a, ‘if you don’t think that at the very least 2 hospitalizations in 2 weeks of which the second one was for PEs and DVTs warrants at least a head’s up to the Pulmonologist, then maybe I’m tired of driving out (town) and I’ll just find a replacement closer.

They messaged me back and then started blowing up my phone. I’m not going to let them upset me. I’m not reading the message and I’ve turned off the phone. Fuck them. They had their chance.

This cat replaced the previous cat whose gatekeeper wanted me to follow up with my Primary who is an RN, not a cardiologist, and that’s when I fired their asses. I told this guy who I hired to replace the other one and he said that ‘I’d never hear any shit like that in his office’. Sounds good to me.

When I found out this Tuesday that I Had to go back to the ER, I pulled the car over crying, and called his office. I talked to his nurse and told her what was going on. She said he was at the hospital right then and to go on to the ER and she would call him.

Never saw him or any in-house cardiologist for that matter.

You know I’m in a place where I trust no one, alone, and scared, and I didn’t even warrant a fucking phone call. Mmmmmmmmmmmk

I don't even have enough energy left to address her.

Needless to say, I contacted a couple of medical malpractice law firms before I left today.

So what say you? Am I expecting too much or is replacing some asses overdue and justified?