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Rebranding Announcement

Rebranding Announcement

Jun 01, 2021

Hey fam ❤

I just wanted to let everyone who follows and supports me on BMAC know that I've launched a new brand called Tesmeri Creates (@tesmeri_creates). It's essentially a re-brand, except I'll keep my old social media accounts that are under Tesmeri Art (@tesmeri_art) running and decided to just create new accounts for Tesmeri Creates (which I will be promoting here soon, as well).

The exception is my BMAC account, which I hope to continue using in the future to post new artworks and possibly item listings. I will be changing the layout of this account to reflect Tesmeri Creates in the coming days or weeks and will be posting new artworks soon.

This brand will still be handled by me, Meri, but there will be big changes in the style and overall content that I will share in the future. 😊 I hope you will stick around and continue to support my craft. Thank you, and have a wonderful day/night! 🤗

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