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Based in Bristol, UK, Tessa Bide Productions create theatre for children which unites families, offering an engaging and stimulating theatrical experience for both adults and children. You might meet us in a traditional theatre setting or in the middle of a field. We aim to inspire communities who may not have access to theatre with topical stories, a bold physical language and a few puppets along the way. TBP put children at the heart of our work, from devising through to presentation. We encourage creativity, inclusive play and a sense of adventure.

We tour our productions all over the world as well as leading outreach work to all ages, from early years to degree students and professional practitioners.

2020 was going to be a busy year for us. We were scheduled to do a big, 28-date tour with our new show The Anarchist's Mobile Library (video above) to community venues, schools, libraries, theatres and festivals. We were also touring our popular retelling of The Selfish Giant to the Puppet Animation Festival Scotland and other venues. As well as all that, we were planning an R&D (that's a 'research and development project') of a brand new show called The Magic Snow Globe. Most of this has now been cancelled, we just have some question-marked-gigs in Autumn remaining. It's looking like a really difficult time for the theatre industry, one that won't magically recover after the pandemic is over, and we are scared of what this will mean for our future. Any donation that you make will mean that we can continue to work, and to create content digitally for our audiences, during this time when we can't bring our shows out live. We are so grateful that you're even on this page at all, and promise that your money will in turn be used to inspire the younger generation. Theatre will not die!!!

We're using this site for donations not because we like coffee (we're more tea gals, actually) but because they charge the least commission and we want to make the most of your money. 

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Brilliant work TBP, can’t wait to see something new when lockdown ends! X 

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Thanks for keeping us entertained with your lovely shows. Look forward to seeing you in 'real life' soon.x

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