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Jan 07

Egyptian New Kingdom limestone statuette
This statuette (20 cm) couldn't be more New Kingdom (c. 1550-1077 BC) if he tried! 😂😍From the collection at Bolton Libraries and Museum.

Jan 22

Egyptian gilded mummy mask
These mummy masks were such fun to photograph. I particularly love the rows of red rearing cobras on this one. Ptolemaic period (305-30 BC), el-Lahun, now at Manchester Museum, on tour in the USA in Golden Mummies of Egypt until 2022.

Jan 19

Early Dynastic ivory figurine
Can never quite get enough of this gorgeous little (2.1 cm) 1st Dynasty (c. 3100–2900 BC) ivory figurine at the Garstang Museum of Archaeology. It wasn't until she get in front of my macro lens that we realised she had such detailed, carved eyes.

Jan 15

Egyptian predynastic bracelet
Predynastic greywacke and ivory bracelet. Beautiful and unusual, but a nightmare to arrange - straightening one piece pulls another out of place . But, I got there eventually. I'm also really bothered by there being more black pieces than white ... 😂

Jan 12

Good morning!
Good morning, everyone, it's Monday again! How are you all? Who's helping with remote learning and education this week?[Photo: ancient Egyptian scribal pen case from Late Period Saqqara, now at Manchester Museum.]

Jan 11