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Let me make this very Clear.

1. I am not a LinkedIn Influencer. period. I just love to write.

2. I am a failure, who failed in everything and the best part is I am proud of my failures.

3. I am broke, unemployed and still trying to figure out my career at 27.

4. My posts here are what I feel about my life and experiences with failure.

5. Don't take me seriously because even I don't do that.

6. I am just an extrovert who loves to talk and write. it's as simple as that.

7. I am the hero of my movie, so I hate playing the victim.

8. This post is not for sympathy, I just love and worship Honesty. period.

9. I am a man of morals, values and honesty and that's why I sleep like a baby.

10. And I am in Love with LinkedIn

11. I know I am wise because I know I know nothing.

12. I worship Simplicity because I know simplicity is the sign of profound Happiness and intelligence.

13. "Giving up is not in the blood sir, it's not in the blood."

- Nims Dai