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Who Is ThatCho? 

I'm so happy you found my page! The name is Cho, and I create a variety of online content across multiple platforms. My intent is to entertain and enrich your life. Whether this is through thought-provoking commentary on youtube, skincare guidance on my blog or just being a sassy, self-deprecating gamer during Twitch live streams, I want you to ALWAYS walk away from my content with real value. 

How Can You Help?

BMC is a great platform, because it allows the people who consume my content to invest back into the great community that we've built together! Know that your contributions will go towards important business expenses such as website hosting, tech equipment, advertising costs and bottles of prosecco among other important things! \(^_^)/

What Do You Gain? 

Besides the warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that you're supporting one of your favorite creators, you will have access to many forms of exclusive content that you can ONLY get here on BMC. I save a lot of my most personal content for this platform only, because I don't feel comfortable with it being public. 

This community is all about you. If you ever have suggestions on how to add more value to the community, leave me a comment!