First, let me say how much of a privilege it is to do this show. I started back in 2019 with the hope of helping someone, anyone. Since then I have done just that, all though I didn't expect it to be me. This is the biggest reason I decided to do this a bit differently. I thought about the traditional podcast route of Patreon and putting content behind a paywall. That doesn't feel like me.

Instead, I plan to put everything out there for you for free. This might make it more challenging to ultimately accomplish my goal of making the show my full-time focus. But that is a risk I am willing to take. I might be putting too much into it but I think this info is too important to be hidden or only for the ones willing to pay. Between the podcast and YouTube Channel, I want you to have access to all the stuff I have.

So please, If you can show your support here and Buy Me A Book.

Thanks so much,
Matthew Plotner