Ideally, when I sit down to write in here, it's to be crerative or let someone get a small glimpse into what is happening, or what I'm feling at the time, but what if that urge doesn't strike, or life takes over and I find that I don't have the time, or simply forget. This forum isn't exactly something you can force yourself to do or carve out a time to share your thoughts.

Before I go too far with that thought, let me address the first thing that popped into a lot of people's minds, I'm sure.

"Professional writers have deadlines and schedules."

Absolutely true, however, I'm not exactly what you would call a professional writer. I often write in a journal I keep completely private, and many of my other thoughts or things I want to share make it here, but I don't have a deadline, I don't have a particular subject matter I am responsible for covering, and I don't have imput from either an employer or fans to guide that thought process. For the first year or so, it was difficult for me to even figure out what direction I wanted this blog to go.

I wanted to do something to help compliment a small tech YouTube channel, but how do I do that without rambling on, or writing about something that already may go over many people's heads. People that have no real interest in the material on my channel, but may want to see what I may have to say, or they just don't get a chance to catch up otften and just want to know what's going on. It has become an outlet to write about some of the other things going on, or to give an opinion I may have without being too personal. But that means I may not always have something I want to express or care to write about. So, how do I maintain the discipline to write in here often enough so things don't get stale? That, as they used to say, is the 64,000 dollar question.

I have no idea what the answer to that could be. I may be well intended, but that isn't the only prerequisite. Professional writers, including novelists may have notes to look back on or resource material, writiers whose main focus is a blog may have a direction they want their creativity to flow, but I, sometimes feel like I'm on a small chunk of ice free floating where that is concerned.

I definitely know the direction I want my YouTube channel to move and it's making progress, but this? I have no idea. The best I can do is to continue the path a bit longer and see which direction its leading. Keep in mind if it starts doubling back on itself we're pretty much screwed, but we're human, and we learn. I wonder if I can just start scheduling a time to sit down and do this. If I do, don't be surprised if there is at least one post on what a stupid idea it was to force myself to try to be creative...... but at least it's diciplined, right?