In all fairness, I don't have a scheduled writing period, but this is my Free-Thinking zone and in some ways, my therapy, at least for those things I care to share and anyone willing to indulge me. I do also have a private Journal, as I believe most everyone should, where I can write my thoughts, concerns, and occasionally my fears, but that remains private, and my being able to put that in a format somewhere and express it, means those concerns are dealt with and won't cloud up the simple act of enjoying life.

I won't say where I was the other night, but I was among friends, and just stopped myself for a minute to look around at where I was, and the people that were with me, or I with them, and appreciate the moment. Life is a very precious thing and too many people go around being hurt and angry at too much. Still, others are so very focused on what they are doing, they never stop for a moment to appreciate what is already in front of them. If you happen to be reading this, stop for a moment and look around, or out of a window, or at a loved one and just for a few seconds or minutes, be present. If it's someone you're having difficulty with, try to remember why and ask yourself if it can be fixed, (and yes, sometimes the best way to fix something is to distance yourself).

Take a moment to think of something or someone you like and smile or laugh. Too often, we forget to do that, and it really can change your day. And lets face it, some of thee things we get angry about really aren't worth the energy we spend on the emotion.