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iPad 9 with A13 Bionic chip (Wi-Fi, 64GB)

Most important part of any content creation is the quality of the source. Right now, I record my gameplays on my 4 year old Android phone running Android 11. As you can tell from the quality of my videos, it’s not as good as you get to see from other content creators who are recording on expensive iPads and iPhones. As, I am still a small creator with financial limitations, I wish to get the cheapest iPad available in the market right now. This will at least give boost to the quality of my gameplay recordings and thus will hugely impact the final output. Having an iPad will give huge boost to my YouTube as well. Live streaming using iPad is also going to increase the quality of my streams. This is the reason why I am trying to get an iPad.

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Discord Nitro - One year subscription

Discord Nitro will help me unlock so many features and perks on my Discord server and I will get to boost it too. I myself will be able to contribute more as Nitro will give me multiple features to make my discord interactions more interactive and engaging. Biggest benefit would be increase in the file size limit which I can upload. Also, if the price of Discord Nitro Yearly Subscription is less than $110 in your country, you can gift it to me directly on Discord.

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Clarity Vx Software Plugin

I discovered this amazing piece of software plugin which removes all kind of background noises and disturbances from a voice recording using AI Technology.. This will help me a  lot, as I am really struggling with recording my voice overs for the videos. I live in the noisy neighborhood and don't have a space where I can record my voice, good enough to be used in Videos. This Plugin costs around $149 but is on sale at the moment for $40. Please help me solve my biggest problem in my content creation process.

Funded by Wanda Ayala
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