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Thanks for visiting ... I've got 500,000 mouths to feed, a weekly column on the science, biology and practice of beekeeping to write, and a server that seems to need near-constant upgrading.

You cannot learn beekeeping from books or from the web. It's a practical subject and nothing beats the experience gained by inspecting hundreds of colonies a year - come rain or shine.

But, you can learn why the colony is doing what it's doing by reading about it, and you can also learn what you should be doing by reading my blog ( ).

Which is where BuyMeACoffee comes in ... the caffeine will help the late night writing marathons to meet my self-imposed Friday afternoon deadline. And what's not spent on coffee (or pizza) will help offset the monthly fees for the webserver.

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John C
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Excellent practical advice - unusual for such a highly qualified academic

😀 Ha! ... you clearly haven't seen my school reports John 😉 . I'm an academic, but the rest is perhaps debatable. Thank you for supporting The Apiarist. There appear to be some developments in the regulation of honey bee imports that are going to have a bearing on the discussion we had offline. We might expect an increasing demand for healthy local bees - which would be a good thing - but which might tax some associations who could be running short of bees. I'm hoping to find out more in the next few days and will post an update once things become clearer. Thanks again for the support 👍
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Trumps gone !

He certainly has ... it's not clear whether the exclamation mark is one of shocked disappointment or jubilation. Let's leave it like that 😉 . I always think it's unwise to allow or encourage political discussion to encroach on our lovely pastime. However, I'm certain that he's dusting off his smoker and hive tool in the Mar-a-Lago apiary. The resort was built in the 1920's for Marjorie Merriweather Post, "the Queen Bee of Palm Beach", by her then-husband Edward Hutton. It's therefore entirely appropriate that Trump spends his declining years tending the hives and caring for his queen bees. Some chance 😐 . Thank you for supporting The Apiarist. Cheers, David

Meriel Bottle
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David, I really look forward to your posts arriving every Friday. Always informative and amusing. Thank you.

Hello Meriel ...  thank you for your support. Writing for every Friday is both a blessing and a curse. It really helps having a fixed day to aim for, so stops me from procrastinating (Why put off to tomorrow something that can be safely left to the end of next month?). On the other hand it sometimes forces me to work late into the night to meet my own self-imposed deadline. The coffee really helps meet the deadlines. Thanks again, David 😀 

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Hello ... thank you for supporting The Apiarist. These coffees came in particularly useful during the preparation of the post on 'distance measurement by bees' ... I'd left the writing a bit late in the week and found my stamina flagging late on Thursday night (or, more accurately, early on Friday morning). They saved the day 😀 . Thanks again, David