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Thanks for visiting ... I've got 500,000 mouths to feed, a weekly column on the science, biology and practice of beekeeping to write, and a server that seems to need near-constant upgrading.

You cannot learn beekeeping from books or from the web. It's a practical subject and nothing beats the experience gained by inspecting hundreds of colonies a year - come rain or shine.

But, you can learn why the colony is doing what it's doing by reading about it, and you can also learn what you should be doing by reading my blog ( ).

Which is where BuyMeACoffee comes in ... the caffeine will help the late night writing marathons to meet my self-imposed Friday afternoon deadline. And what's not spent on coffee (or pizza) will help offset the monthly fees for the webserver.

Thank you

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Barry Crabtree
Barry Crabtree bought a coffee.

I always Enjoy reading your blog posts

Many thanks for your support Barry ... delighted you enjoy The Apiarist.  Cheers David

Patrick Gibb
Patrick Gibb bought a coffee.

Heard your talk at Helensburgh a couple of years ago about varroa and DWV which I found fascinating. I'm a retired microbiologist and newbie beekeeper so it hit me both ways. I've just realised that you also do this blog which is a great source of practical information. Many thanks for all of that. 

Hi Patrick I remember visiting Helensburgh ... I had a good evening and it was a long drive back ... I even wrote about it Pleased you found the blog as well ... I was obviously not very good at self-promotion at the talk. Many thanks for the support. David

wW2K51kEC bought 5 coffees.

It's a while since I first suggested to you that I'd like to buy you a coffee (figuratively) - and at last I can. Just spotted this today as I (unusually) read your post on a phone. Every post is worth reading, and today's especially. With lockdown, there has been less support here at association level. Which is not good timing as my beekeeping has increased 5-fold this season; I became the first port of call for swarm collecting for my locality. I do read a lot, but your blog is pure gold - or honey

Hello Archie Many thanks for your support. Thanks for the separate email as well. Some of the names that appear here are cryptic, although the Paypal email is usually identifiable but I usually opt to reply to the name submitted to BuyMeACoffee.  I think many associations are struggling this season. I'm about to start Zoom-based talks to some.  If your beekeeping has increased 5-fold perhaps you should write instead of me ... mine has decreased by the same amount! Saying that, I'm just off to the bees this morning and very much looking forward to it 😃 .  I hope the rest of the season is good for you. Thanks again and Best Wishes David

Someone bought 5 coffees.

As a new beekeeper I find I am continually referring to your website for advice and clearly explained facts. I am in awe of your literary output and very appreciative of the effort you put into helping others 

Many thanks for the support. It's good to know that the information is useful. As a new beekeeper you're probably looking forward to your first summer honey harvest (and possibly your first honey ever). It's a great time. Enjoy! Best Wishes, David