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Hi, I’m Jara, a Muslima podcaster, storyteller, day-dreamer, and aspiring Sufi lover who enjoys abstract paintings, nature, and stillness.

The JJW Weekly Podcast holds a series that documents all the creative thoughts of a born Muslima from the east, who is now placed gently by The Creator Al-Malik to experience the west. It is not that this Muslima has never lived abroad for an extended period during her lifetime. She has lived in the States and the UK previously. But this west land that she is living on currently is another level of the west, quote-unquote. It serves as a platform to empower Muslima, those who are in the west to renegotiate their identities, and for those in the east, as an invitation to either physically or spiritually migrate (to do hijrah) at some point in their lives. Most importantly, it is to demonstrate that this Muslima is like all the daughters to parents, wives to husbands, mothers to children--basically a human being with a set of belief systems and crazy wild ideas, desires, expectations, and needs, just like all of you here, fellow listeners. So get your cup of coffee just like the Italians or Arabs do, or tea like the Mauritians, Turkish, or British, and let's enjoy Jarajaywrites.