This is a pictorial and easy to follow collection of bullet points. You can hear and see the video to support this work on YouTube or you can scroll down past the YouTube link and simply read the article. It's designed to help people who suffer histamine intolerance or are looking for ways to possibly reduce anti-histamine intake.

Histamine is an Amine

  • Amines are signalling molecules

  • It is produced when an amino acid (histidine) is acted upon by an enzyme

  • It becomes a biogenic amine (signalling molecule)

  • Histamine comes from the amino acid histidine.

  • Once histamine has reached its receptor and done its job

it's destroyed by another enzyme. This enzyme is known as DAO.

​​Diamine oxidase (DAO) IMPORTANT LATER!

How histamine works in the artery as an example.

Digestive Symptoms

In a 2-week study in 14 people with histamine intolerance and symptoms that included abdominal pain, bloating, or diarrhoea, 93% of participants reported a resolution of at least one digestive symptom after taking 4.2 mg of DAO twice daily

Migraine Attacks and Headaches

A 1-month study in 100 people with previously diagnosed DAO deficiency observed that participants who supplemented daily with DAO experienced a 23% reduction in the duration of migraine attacks, compared to the placebo group

Skin Rash

A 30-day study in 20 people with chronic spontaneous urticaria (skin rash) and DAO deficiency noted that participants who received the supplement twice daily experienced significant relief in symptoms and required less antihistamine medication