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Everything Has a Reason and Look at It From a Different Perspective

Nov 14, 2022

Halo everyone how are you today?
Today i want to share about my personal story
Hopefully you can enjoy this story 😉

After contacting the company, there are several requirements that must be met. All my requirements are ready, but my account has been inactive for more than 1 year with the bank specified by the insurance.

  • The account must be active when I register for insurance with the specified bank

  • Original polish

  • Identity card

  • Policy closing form

I went to the bank to activate my old account. Unfortunately it's not as easy as I imagined because the account number was issued by the old company I worked for so I had to ask for a letter of recommendation. Or closing an old account must be at the branch office to open an account and open a new account. Only the two alternatives that can be used.

The next day I went to the branch office to open the old account and I imagined it would be easier. My goal came to close old accounts and open new accounts.
My old account can't be closed because I still have a transaction with the insurance company. After consulting it turned out that I can still activate my old account without having to close the old one.

The activation process was carried out and couldn't because the data listed in the bank did not match my identity data. Alternatively I have to equalize the data and the new activation can be continued.
I came home very weak.
I feel why is the process so long? 🥲

However, I took a breath and calmed down okay what should I do.
Incidentally I have a friend to help take care of the documents needed to equalize the data, thank God.
For information, I live and am an Indonesian citizen. For Indonesian population data, one door has been applied for banking data, which must match identity data and bank data to maintain security.

I thought for a moment that this incident meant that I had the opportunity to reconcile my data which was initially inconsistent and I am grateful. And I parallelly sent the insurance claim file even though my account number was not yet active.

A few days later my friend came with the required documents. Once again I am grateful to have friends and to be surrounded by good people.

The next day I went to the bank near my house to activate the account number. During the trip, I affirmed positively that the whole process would be smooth and it was true that the process went smoothly and that same day I was called by the insurance company if my application was approved.

I am very very grateful that everything is smooth and easy. Sometimes we feel that something is not according to plan and are disappointed. Yes, I did at first but from this incident I learned to see things from a different and positive perspective. And be faithful to the process that must be done even though it is sometimes uncomfortable.

When things get hard, stop for awhile and look back and see how so far you've come.

Don't forget how rewarding it is.

Kim Taehyung of BTS

Believing that everything will be good no matter what we think if we think good and vice versa according to the law of attraction.

I hope my sharing can help you stay positive even if things don't go as planned.

Thank you for reading this blog!

Share your experience about magic in the comments. 💜💜
Have a good day💜

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