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How Are You Today?

Nov 24, 2022

Hello everyone!

How are you in the middle of this week?
Any interesting stories?
Tell me in the comments column I will read it :)

Yes, I want to share my thoughts and feelings today.
Overall the middle of this week I'm in good shape.

Today, to be honest is a day that I should be grateful for because so many blessings have come to me. However, sometimes beautiful things are forgotten when problems come. Instantly the happiness disappeared. It affects my emotions. Supposedly, happiness does not have to depend on the circumstances around us but depends on how we see it and react to it. If you look positive, you will see positive, and vice versa.

When my emotions are not good, I often listen to songs from BTS and accidentally listen to a song from BTS Whalien 52 which tells about a whale that lives in the ocean where the whale keeps making sounds even though no one can hear it.

Have you ever experienced the road to reaching a goal but nothing in sight? from that song.

I learned that every journey in reaching for dreams is just like us like whales. Always moving forward to bring out the best potential to get the desired result. However, the journey is not always smooth. Many obstacles must be overcome.

I realized and got back up, that nothing is wasted. If something we do has an impact on others in a better direction. So go ahead and just keep going!

I believe and believe that there is always something good out of a bad situation.
It may be invisible today, but one day we will notice it if it has passed. When we turn back and remember those memories, we will smile and dance with better circumstances and situations.

Even if you don't have anyone to support you and you are only trying to achieve your dreams. Don't give up until your dreams are achieved, and never be afraid if someone laughs at your dreams, because being different is fun.

Like a whale that has a different frequency in the song Whalien 52, still confident in his abilities. As one of the song's lyrics says,

"I'll go to my future, blue beach, and believe in my Hertz."

Have a nice day today and keep the spirit to achieve your dreams.

Thankyou for reading this blog!

Have a nice day 

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