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The Journey to Success is Beautiful in The End

Dec 01, 2022

Many steep roads to go through

Sad, happy, laughing, and crying all happened

Sometimes there is a feeling of wanting to give up

but…remember that dream

I learn from Lyrics Louder Than Bombs, this is the video from BTS Louder Than Bombs

Brighter than light
Don’t give up your lif
Here I live, pray
Only for better days
Every day maze
Wondering if this is my place

Whatever night swallows me up, I will not give up
Struggle for you, we will shine

Yay congrats to BTS for winning an award at MAMA 2022.
Thank you for being an inspiration and I love you so much
We will wait for you to be together again

So many things I think about myself.
Sometimes good or bad.
Yes, I am human too. Lots of fear from questions in my head about my future.

What will happen next?
I do not know

However, I can only control what I do to get better each day.
From BTS, I learned to have dreams and the confidence to achieve those dreams

Even though sometimes I don’t progress and I’m even tired.
All it takes is patience through the process.
To be successful there must be a path that is traversed even though it is steep but beautiful in the end.

BTS is one of my inspirational idols for me.
If you have an idol that becomes your inspiration, can you comment below?

Thank you for reading my blog!

 Have a nice day 

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