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Hey 👋 I'm Kathy. Mom of 3, coffee addict + socially anxious extrovert. In 2016 one of my children was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Though I was surrounded by supportive family and friends; I felt completely alone. None of them could relate to what I was going through. What helped me through that time was hearing stories of people who had been through a similar experience and found their way to a more hopeful and positive side of autism. 

Since that time I have become optimistic about my child's diagnosis, and the impact that autism can have on society as a whole. I have been able to connect with some incredible therapists, met some amazing talents in the research field, and have learned so much from books, seminars and info sessions. 

My goal is to share my experiences in the hope that it benefits someone else in their journey. To cultivate a community where we can celebrate the joys and successes, but also the fears and challenges. So let's caffeinate and navigate autism together!

The Autism Edit is all about community and connection, so each month I will randomly select one supporter to have a coffee date with me via Zoom. I appreciate your generosity and can't wait to connect with you!